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DARwIn-OP Covers

I just received the plastic covers for my DARwIn-OP robot clone. I got them 3D-printed on a SLS printing service in orange.

The 3D models are published in this ZIP file in the original DARwIn-OP SourceForge repository.

I tested the assembly of the left leg and it locks very nice compared to the bare-bone right leg.

DARwIn-OP Leg Covers
Leg Covers

Second Leg Finished for my DARwIn-OP Robot Clone

I finished assembling the second leg for my DARwIn-OP clone.

2 DARwIn-OP legs
2 DARwIn-OP legs

I finished writing the gcode cut files for the pelvic mounting brackets (PR13_B_SPACER_PELV) which go between the legs and the chest, and I’ll be cutting them soon.

Meanwhile I was redesigning the chest brackets to accommodate the ODROID-XU ARM computer instead of the original FitPC with an Intel processor. As an alternative, I am also considering to use an ODROID-U3 computer, with has a smaller footprint and a less powerful ARM processor (and consuming less power). The latest ODROID-U3 (Revision 0.5) has an native SPI interface, so which could be used to interface sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope).

But now, Hardkernel is going to release the ODROID-XU3 in August and some info is available. The main differences with the ODROID-XU that I find interesting for my project are:

  • Faster Cortex-A15 cores (2GHz).
  • Full octa-core Heterogeneous Multi Processor system.
  • More energy efficient.
  • No more LCD connector to get the native I2C #1 bus, but it is available now in the easier to access I/O expansion connector.
  • Included energy sensors.
  • Audio-In added (mono only).
  • OpenCL working in Linux.
  • Same form factor as the ODROID-XU, so easy replacement.

Anyway, I am scratching my head on how to cut the chest brackets on my Sherline mill, which is too small for these brackets, so I’ll be making them in parts.