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Testing new Dynamixel Driver

As I am using an Odroid-XU3 (and now I’ll be upgrading to an Odroid-XU4) with an USB2AX adapter to interface the Dynamixel MX-28 servos, I am getting annoyed by the USB delay of the adapter.

As the USB2AX is an USB 1.1 device and USB 1.1 has a 1ms time framing for transmitting and receiving data. Any Dynamixel commands takes at lease 2ms which is unacceptable. Even using bulk read and write instructions (which are taking longer time as I connect more servos) I would like to comply to the 8ms control loop in the original DARwIn-OP programming. So I am getting too close to the limit.

Luckily, as described in odroid forum, the Odroid’s UART interface can be setup to the Dynamixel’s bus specifications (8 bit, 1 stop, No Parity) at 1Mbps and all the way up to 3Mbps!!!

So I am working on a driver to implement the Dynamixel’s TTL half-duplex serial interface with just the RX and TX pins from the Odroid (without any control pin to command the half-duplex direction). This way it can be use with simple UARTs such as the one found on the Odroid which do not have a hardware output to signal an active transmission in progress (and I don’t want to use a software controlled gpio to avoid time mismatches).

So far I did a TTL prototype (Odroid’s UART is 1.8V while Dynamixel bus is 5V), but I’ll continue by shrinking this to a micro-controller soon.

TTL servo driver prototype
TTL servo driver prototype

Before this I was working on using an SPI UART to replace the USB2AX, but that is going to the trash now.