CNC Sherline Mill Extended Table Upgrade

I decided to upgrade my Sherline Mill. I got an extended 19″ X axis table from A2Z and a 14″ matrix plate from High Tech Systems. Sherline also has an extended table, but I wanted to try this brand because it is a little more taller and milling frames for a DARwIn-OP robot clone is a very low profile work and the endmills used are too short. The matrix table helps in height and supporting a 4″ wide work.

Extended Table and Matrix Plate
Extended Table and Matrix Plate

The matrix plate is quite nice, just one corner got scratched, probably on the trip to Chile. The extended table is quite long. To install it requires to adjust the gib on the base dovetail which took me hours, now I have a 360mm range on the X axis.

I drilled a new pattern of holes in the matrix plate to better hold aluminum plates for cutting DARwIn-OP’s frames.

New Hole Pattern
New Hole Pattern

The hole pattern has M2.5 threads. The holes are ½” apart to align to the preexisting pattern. I made 3 hole lines, one at the middle and one at 5/32″ from each border of the 4″ plate.

4 thoughts on “CNC Sherline Mill Extended Table Upgrade

    1. Sorry, I was away from this project during our summer time.
      I am not selling the parts, at least for now. I’ll finish my clone before planning for a next step.

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