First lathe parts for my DARwIn-OP Robot Clone

Now that I am finished setting up my Sherline CNC lathe to cut my missing DARwIn-OP parts (FR07-F101, HN07-i101, and RX28-CAP), I am doing the first test cuts.

HN07-I101 and RX28-CAP
HN07-I101 and RX28-CAP (my cuts on left and original on right)

I manage to cut the HN07-I101 and RX28-CAP.  I have an original set that I bought, so I am able to compare, the ball-bearing fits tight enough. I still have to make the holes, but I’ll device some tools to use on the mill for this. Then I still have to polish and anodize.

I used some spare 20XX aluminum that I had, a 1″ bar for the HN07-I101 and a 5/8″ bar for the CAP, I am still waiting for some 6061 aluminum 15/16″ and 3/8″ bars to do the final pieces. The G-code cut programs are available on the Code section of my sourceforge project, they require a quick (or automated) change tool post with this setup of tools.

3 thoughts on “First lathe parts for my DARwIn-OP Robot Clone

    1. I am tapping by hand. But I am using a simple tool to align the tap (a plastic cylinder with a hole for the tap to align).
      This aluminum is easy to tap with some oil.

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