Working on Second Leg for DARwIn-OP Robot Clone

Doing the first leg for my DARwIn-OP robot clone was a lot of effort, specially in measuring the 2D model files, then the 3D model files, translating to G-code, and testing more efficient ways to work with the mill.

Now, cutting the second leg was much easier.

Second Leg Frames
Second Leg Frames

I changed the ‘knee’ frame, my first version had a bending at the bottom, but I removed it from the design to allow my DARwIn-OP clone to have the same joint rotation range than the original design. Also, my first batch of FR07-S101 had 4 holes missing (luckily they are not used in the DARwIn-OP robot).

I still have to file and bend the frames, I’ll try to make some aluminum blocks to help on the bending. The Fabrication Manual show some examples in the appendix.

Meanwhile I am getting some 1″ and 3/8″ 6061 aluminum bars to make the FR07-F101, HN07-i101, and RX28-CAP parts in the lathe. I also have to calibrate my lathe’s quick-change cutters which is time consuming. Once done, cutting complex designs gets much easier, I’ll do a post in this later.

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